High Point Ireland 10,000m Challenge

Simon Community NI has been chosen as one of the recipient charities for this year’s High Point Ireland 10,000m Challenge.

Highpointeering is a hillwalker sports discipline developed by High Point Ireland based on the informal leisure activity of high point “bagging”. For the incoming 2018 season, High Point Ireland will be running its second year-long 10,000m Challenge as an all-Ireland multi-charity fundraiser.

Highpointeering in Ireland is based exclusively around the Gribbon list of Ireland’s major geographical high points. The aim of the 10,000m Challenge is for each registered participant to visit at least 10,000 vertical metres worth of Gribbon locations during 2018. Most challengers are likely to be experienced hillwalkers who already venture into the Irish uplands on a regular basis. In some cases, challengers may not even have to alter their current walking habits to achieve the 10,000m goal.

During the year, each challenger records all their visits to Gribbon locations photographically and in a digital Highpointeer Logsheet & Entry Form which they submit to High Point Ireland at the end of the year. This form automatically generates personal metres and points totals as the challenger fills it in. The information they provide on their submitted form also allows each challenger to represent their countyprovince and walking club Highpointeering teams in High Point Ireland’s annual points-based competitions. The individual with the highest points-score in 2018 will become the all-Ireland Highpointeer of the Year.

To take part in the 10,000m Challenge 2018 charity fundraiser on behalf of Simon Community NI, simply email our Fundraising Team via fundraise@simoncommunity.org to register your interest. Full details on participation can be found on the High Point Ireland website.